Consulting Illustration

You and us, like Batman and Robin.

Holy corporate headcount Batman! If your organisation needs a sidekick with the expertise to provide extra resource without a headcount, Front and Centre can become an extension of your Internal Learning and Development function through our consulting services.

Our Consulting Services include:

Instructional Design

Do you have an in-house program that needs revisiting, modernising and/or expanding?

With qualifications in instructional design, we can assist in developing all of your information into a slick, powerful training program, including facilitator and participant guides, supporting activities and programs.

Facilitator Coaching

Let us work with your new trainers to enhance their capability in presenting to your workforce.

Training Needs Analysis

This is a vital process for any organisation wanting to accurately identify what training courses and development activities are needed by employees to improve their productivity and workplace satisfaction.

Front and Centre offers a centralised platform to conduct professional Training Needs Analysis surveys to include:

  • Needs survey
  • Task Analysis Study,
  • Competency Study, Performance Analysis Study
  • Problem Analysis Studies.

Online learning

We offer a complete online platform that is user friendly and easily navigated including:

  • Online learning
  • In-session web learning
  • SMS learning packages

Front and Centre Training Solutions has built an excellent reputation because we never treat our clients like Jokers.