Leadership Training

No Seagull Managers

No seagull managers!

Do your managers circle their employees like hot chips, waiting for their chance to swoop in, squawk and take off?

In the modern workplace it is no longer acceptable, or viable, to have people managers that don’t understand the concepts and theories behind effective people management and how to communicate both internally and externally.

These Leadership Training programs will equip the people in your organisation who have the responsibility of creating a cohesive workforce and teams with all the necessary skills to develop their effectiveness.

Leading from the Front!

Before the bugle sounds and you order the attack, you might want to look into our specific, tailored leadership programs that bring to life elements of our leadership framework, built specifically to your team needs.

These training programs take into consideration the following elements of the modern leadership roles undertaken by your staff:

  • Experience and Business Position
  • Hierarchy
  • Current team dynamic
  • Developmental areas of improvement

Our leadership training programs are formed and developed to target the KEY elements in building a successful leader.

  • Our leadership team
  • Attributes of leadership success – personal branding
  • Leading performance outcomes
  • Coaching for developmental success
  • Leading a successful branch

Do your staff work for you?

When asked about investment in their businesses, managers often refer to the tangible dollars spent on marketing, client recruitment, CRMs, social media etc.

Whilst all important, your biggest asset (or liability!) is the group of people that work for you.

Leveraging staff is the key role of people managers. This training program will be built based on your needs – looking at the key areas of the modern people manager:

  • Performance management
  • Interviewing and recruiting (targeted selection)
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Understanding Generational differences
  • Building a Team Culture (DiSC, Click Colours in application)

This program also delves into the principles of personal brand development the requirements of a successful manager and how you can plan, develop and manage you leadership “brand” within a management environment. Everyone has a chance to be a brand worthy of remark.

Are you equipped?

This course provides a combination of generic coaching concepts and theory, with application to current workplace coaching scenarios.

Coaching has long been accepted as an integral part of the modern workplace, with expected gains in several business critical areas by adopting a “Coaching Ethos” within the work environment. These include:

  • Enhanced core role performance
  • Increased employee satisfaction and retention
  • Established developmental opportunity

The program recognises that coaching responsibility regularly falls to first line management who are often not equipped with the skills or knowledge of “coaching” application.

Your managers will be walked through concepts from areas of sport, arts and business in developing action plans on skill deficiency. This will be then applied in application to current workplace scenarios.

The coaching models are all directly developed from our Directors’ coaching focus during his masters year at university and can be tailored to include any in-house models or requirements.

Coaches still need coaching

Front and Centre offers advanced coaching consulting to work with and develop your manager’s coaching effectiveness.

This is achieved through face to face field review of your field coach’s interactions with staff, the coaching conversation and capability. We review coaching documentation, objectives and follow up.

We can assist managers in developing their own coaching performance metrics, looking specifically at plans for areas of development based on coaching theory.

Front and Centre can adapt and work with your internal coaching models, or use Front and Centre models to support the application.