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Sales Programs to suit everyone

Sales programs to suit any organisation

What’s in your sales toolbox? Do you use a pair of pliers as a hammer? Let Front and Centre tool you up with anything from short “upskilling” workshops to more intensive 3 days sales training seminars.

Our programs can be tailored to suit any organisation no matter what field you “sell” ‘in. Because you don’t want to be the bad tradesman that blames his tools!

Expertly tailored to you, by us

No matter what your sales environment, wholesale, retail, accounting, healthcare – anything, we will work with you to design a sales program that suits your business.

Success in modern sales environments is about success in communication. A great product is only the first step to growing sales success. A marketing campaign can only take the first step for you.  Your clients need to understand what the product can do for them… something you can only do by telling them!

The X-Sellence Core Selling Skills program covers the following modules:

  • Failing to prepare is preparing to fail
  • Headlining
  • Uncovering
  • Presenting
  • Perspectives and Options
  • Proposals
  • End with the beginning in mind

Let us match your business needs by focusing on the core stages of the sales process within your sales world.

Sell Ice to Eskimos

The advanced sales program is designed to push experienced representatives to re-challenge their approach to business through a tailored selection the following key sales elements

  • Uncovering – advanced questioning/listening
  • Presenting with impact
  • Proposals for next steps
  • Managing long term client relationships
  • Key account management

Let us create a tailored sales “boot camp” to focus on extending the skills of your most important assets – you best sales professionals.

With influencing skills, training focuses on an easy-to-use influence model, ensuring participants gain an extensive understanding of how to use persuasive negotiation as part of their role. Influence is not just about “selling”, its about getting the best outcome for each interaction no matter what the situation. Internal, external, up or down – influence is a key skill set.

At the core of this training the following basic model is applied

  • Understanding power
  • Seek and build rapport
  • Flexibility of style
  • Alternative tender
  • Create win/win
  • Keep yourself in the centre of any interaction

You don’t have to be a Jedi

Negotiation is more than a practical skill for sales professionals; it is a life skill that extends out of the workplace and into every realm of peoples’ lives.

Each Negotiation Skills Training program uses activity-based scenarios that creatively bring the art of negotiation to life.

The program will provide participants with solid negotiation techniques that can be applied to real workplace situations.

The Skills program covers:

  • Negotiation theory
  • Negotiation and needs
  • Rounds of negotiation
  • Negotiation essentials – climate, style and tactics

If you’re looking for a solid understanding of negotiation skills and persuasiveness training – then these are negotiation skills training courses that you can’t afford to miss.

Everyone is not like you!

Dominance, Inducement, Submission, and Compliance (DISC) – at first glance may not be what you think!

DiSC is the world’s most validated behavioural management course that will not only help your sales staff and managers better understand your clients – it will also help them better understand themselves.

Used by sales training consultancies around the world, the DiSC model is about differences. It is about understanding, accepting, respecting and managing differences.

DiSC is also about motivation. Using a banana to entice a cat out of a cupboard will likely have no result. Similarly, giving sales managers training about what motivates different people will give them the tools to understand what motivates sales staff – other than monetary rewards.

Our expert behavioural profiling team can build a DiSC program around your people, your team and the environments in which they operate with a focus on:

  • Team effectiveness
  • Communication
  • Motivation
  • Management application – building and leading effective team
  • Leadership
  • Sales.

Each participant receives a full behavioural synopsis that outlines default behaviours, strengths and developmental areas.

Less kilometres, better results

Our Key Account Management training focuses on effectively managing a sales territory. Effective account management means that the resources of time and dollars should be spent where the business demands it.

For large territories this is particularly crucial, as account managers can often drive endless distances with little return. Similarly, you can’t effectively influence an account sitting in a sales office!

This training focuses on the key principles of the 80/20 rule

  • Time allocation,
  • Account and client profiling in terms of resource
  • Account management cycles and;
  • Account management planning

You might even make the company fleet last an extra year!