How To Effectively Communicate Online During COVID-19

Many workplaces are sending their employees home due to the unprecedented and evolving environment we find ourselves in. This means verbal communication will move to the written format. So, are you equipped?

Firstly, there is a heightened state of anxiety. Therefore, it’s important to open channels of communication and create a space where people can express their concerns. 

Secondly, don’t be alarmist, be pragmatic. Communicate on structured advice and with clarity. Avoid fuelling speculations– rather act on the advice at hand with each communication. 

And finally, the way we communicate online needs to be transparent and open. Remember that the written word, if not carefully crafted, is open to interpretation. 

Online, we don’t have access to body language, facial expressions and the tone. Therefore, we must compensate by translating these cues virtually.

In a time of isolation, people are craving support and we as organisations need to foster a sense of community via these mediums. 

In a climate of perturbation, carefully double-check what you’re sending. Ask yourself, will the person on the receiving end understand what I’m saying? Is it clear, but also empathetic? Does it provide both information, but a communicated level of support?

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