Business Gymnastics – How Adaptable Are You And Your Business?

Heraclitus wrote “Nothing is constant except change itself”. We have all heard variations on that theme and you know what, they are dead right.

One of the key attributes of successful businesses and for that matter, people, is how well they are able to adapt to a changing environment. We have all heard the BIG corporate success stories.. Apple, Nike etc and their ability to change with the evolving market. We have also watched the hard way as companies struggled during the GFC – but I was struck by a recent example.

I have been trying hard to get fit and I have found this great gym near where I live. It has a loyal following and a great group of people – is it a far cry from the big chain style gymnasiums. The guys at Paramount plan meticulously to ensure each interaction or class is different. This planning must take a while. But the sign of a GREAT organization is one that can adjust when the unexpected happens.

We turned up for a 5,45am class the other day and our instructors had been there setting up a full outdoor program. Just as we went into the briefing – the heavens opened. I was thinking… “You beauty!! Back to bed!!” It was obvious that the original plans were not possible in the slippery conditions. Within 5 mins, despite the planning, the guys adapted and pulled together a great session. I walked away thinking – wow – how impressive given the amount of work that had gone into the original planning.

So , yes planning in your own developmental goals is important and so it is in business, but those that do it BEST, are able to adapt quickly, respond to the situation at hand and STILL deliver.

How adaptable are you?

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